BILBOBUL is an international company comprised of professionals with over 30 years experience in metallurgy industry, which is the result of Basque knowledge added to Bulgarian ability in the stainless steel components production. 

Our goal is to become a premium foundry with a global presence, growing with our customers through our know-how and overcoming spirit to succeed. We offer added value thanks to our strict quality standards.

BILBOBUL has reached the most demanding quality and timing requirements for over 50 years. Our continuous improvement and gained knowledge allows us accept challenges in the most demanding products. 

We focus on tools for:
Valves and Pumps
Industrial furnace components
• Industrial components
• Marine Bollards

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Niwe project

New processes, less pollution 

We are participating in this innovation project whose objective is to develop and demonstrate new processes and  equipment for the metallurgical industries, to reduce the energy consumption. 

Integral management

We participate in a joint venture dedicated to machining, providing our customers an adapted effective final solution. Strategically, we have installed the production plant near the steel foundry.

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